Retired Clergy Fees

The fee payable to retired clergy (who are not licensed to a parish) and others  holding PTO, whose names appear in the relevant sections of the current diocesan yearbook, for taking Sunday and mid-week services, baptisms and sessions of visiting during vacancies, sabbaticals, holidays and sickness cover in 2018 is £41.20 per service. This rate is payable for services from 1 January 2018.  Services held prior to this date (up to and including 31 December 2017) should be paid at the 2017 rate of £39.20 per service.  The fee will next be updated in January 2019.  These fees are not reclaimable from the DBF with the exception of those paid out during a vacancy.

The service fee should be paid along with any travel expenses at the HMRC recommended rate which is currently 45p per mile. Mileage expenses are not reclaimable from the DBF at any time.

Retired clergy and others holding PTO should continue to declare fees to HMRC.  The DBF has received advice that no employment relationship exists between the DBF and the retired clergy person as a result of these payments.

Fees payable to retired clergy (not licensed to a parish) and others holding PTO, for weddings and funerals equate to 80% of the DBF fees for such services.  Further guidance relating to retired clergy parochial fees can be found on the Parochial Fees page of the website.


Page last updated: 2nd Jan 2018 1:07 PM