2018 Forms

Serving clergy fees form 2018 - form 1 return

Retired clergy fees form 2018 - form 2 return

Notes - Form 1 and Form 2

2017 Forms

Serving clergy fees form 2017 - form 1 return

Retired clergy fees form 2017 - form 2 return

2016 Forms

By now we should have received all of your 2016 fees returns.  However, if any parishes still need to remit outstanding fees for 2016 please contact us for a copy of the returns forms.

If you find any outstanding fees that have been missed and are owing for previous years, please contact us for copies of the relevant forms.

Questions regarding fees or fees forms? Contact Maxine Southwick ext 239


Fees Forms

Forms should be remitted on a monthly basis by the PCC, along with a cheque for the fees collected.  Alternatively these can be emailed to Maxine (contact details below) and the fees can either be sent by electronic transfer or collected with the monthly parish share direct debit.

'Nil' returns forms should be submitted when there are no fees received during the month and again can be emailed to Maxine.

PLEASE NOTE: Fees rates change on an annual basis and forms for the new year are usually uploaded in December.  Forms should only be used for the year as detailed.  Please do not use out of date forms when remitting fees.

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