Diocesan Vision

Vision Sunday services

A programme of events and resources are being rolled out across the Diocese of Chester to help people reflect, remember, and respond to the themes and priorities in the new diocesan vision: Together in Christ, sharing hope.  

Harriet Roberts, Director of Development (Vision and Strategy) and Peter Froggatt, Director of Outreach will be meeting with Chapters in Deaneries across the Diocese throughout October and November to deliver resources and ideas over the autumn. 

In January 2024, churches are being invited to pray for the diocesan vision by holding Vision Sunday services throughout January as part of Epiphany celebrations. The Vision Sunday service resources will be available from 1 December and will include sermon notes linked to the lectionary readings, suggested hymns, and all age activities. 

Epiphany/Vision Sunday resource pack

Churches across the Diocese of Chester are being invited to use the season of Epiphany to pray for the diocesan vision by holding a Vision Sunday service. To support this an Epiphany/Vision Sunday resource pack titled 'TOGETHER IN CHRIST,
'. This has been designed to be used anytime in January and includes sermon notes linked to the lectionary readings, suggested hymns, and a video message from Bishop Mark. There's also all-age activity to help think about and remember the themes of the diocesan vision, Together in Christ, Sharing Hope. 

Director of Development (Vision & Strategy) Harriet Roberts explains: ‘Vision Sunday during Epiphany is an opportunity to think about the year ahead and how we are responding locally to our commission to announce the good news to the 1.5 million who need to know the light and love of Christ.’ 


Exercises and Prayers for Engaging with the Vision process 
These exercises could help you understand, recall, and remember the themes which underpin our shared vision. You might then begin to apply them in your day-to-day walk with God, in your own place.

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