Casting the net wide

Casting the Net Wide was a 12-month grassroots discernment process to enable the diocese to form a vision and strategy. This report explains the process and what we discovered along the way. Casting the Net Wide Report. You can read more about the report here.

In the video below, we hear from a few people who have read the report.



Diocesan Synod approved the new Vision on Saturday, 17 June, when the Diocesan Synod, representing members from across the diocese, unanimously voted in favour of Bishop Mark's proposals for a new vision for the Church in the Diocese of Chester. The agreement reached by the Synod is the result of an extensive consultation and discernment process that spanned several months and is the first vision process of its kind for a generation in the Diocese of Chester. Bishop Mark says: "It is such a privilege to be part of a Diocese like Chester with a clear focus on serving all of the 1.65 million people who live and work in this area. We have the best news to share together in signs of Christ’s hope in all of our communities."

Bishop Mark first outlined his vision at an event held at Chester Cathedral in May. You can watch a recording of the service below.


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