Casting the Net Wide - Report

Casting the Net Wide was a 12-month grassroots discernment process to enable the diocese to form a vision and strategy. This report explains the process and what we discovered along the way.

The 47-page report has been produced by Harriet Roberts, Director of Development (Vision & Strategy). She was recruited back in June 2022, specifically to plan and manage the consultation process for the new diocesan vision. Many will have met Harriet through her visits to parishes across the diocese where she has run over 80 creative consultations with parishes, meeting with clergy, PPC members, and parishioners. With over ten thousand miles covered, conversations took place in churches, community centres, shopping centres, schools and pubs to get an answer to the key question, 'What is God calling us to be?'.

"We wanted to hear the truth from people, what they think and what matters to them. It's only by properly understanding where we are and where we have come from that we can start to think about how we can move forward with a sense of purpose and direction"

The report covers ask questions, such as 'Why are we doing this?', 'Hopes and dreams', 'Where are we going?' and 'What’s our vision?'

Also included are photographs from many of the Vision Café events, and quotes, poems, and prayers from contributors of all ages.

Harriet explains: ‘The report explains why it was so important to listen to everyone, how we came up with the tools, and the way we went about the process called Casting the Net Wide.  I am sure people will be fascinated to see the results of the feedback we received from communities, clergy, and congregations in churches, venues and online over twelve months which culminated in an overarching theme, four core themes, and seven priorities.’ 
In his preface, Bishop Mark says, ‘I am grateful for the clarity that emerged as we considered the feedback and for the way that Synod and others have worked with us to agree on this. Standing together in faith to serve the 1.5 million has emerged as a deeply Christlike and clear focus.
I look forward to the next stage of this work together, as we develop vision into strategy into action, together in Christ, sharing hope.’  

Download the Casting the Net Wide Report

In this video, we hear from a few people who had a preview of the report prior to its publication.

Bishop Mark first outlined his vision at an event held at Chester Cathedral in May. You can watch a recording of the service here.


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