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    Poems of our time
    The Revd Alec Brown, vicar of Aston-by-Budworth and Great Budworth, has written two poems, that have taken their inspiration from the times we are in. They are titled 'Lockdown 3' and 'Winter walking'. Read More

    The reality of home schooling
    In this Church House Blog, the Revd Jenny Bridgman shares her personal account of the challenges of homeschooling and urges us all to reach out to friends, family and neighbours and "be the calming presence" they might need. Read More

    "Argh, I can't do that!"
    As we approach the flagship diocesan event, Called to Serve, Bishop Mark, reflects on his own calling to be a bishop and reminds us that with God's help we can grow to be the person God wants us to be.  Read More

    New Director of Outreach begins
    The Revd Peter Froggatt has begun his new role as Director of Outreach. Peter leads the new department of Outreach which incorporates the work of the previous departments of Mission and Social Responsibility. Read More

    Leaving your "dream job" for the priesthood
    The Revd Simon Stride says he has always been passionate about three things: Jesus, church, and music. Approaching his 30s, he left his “dream job” working in a recording studio to follow a call to the priesthood. Read More





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