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    LEGO® brick pool opens at Chester Cathedral
    LEGO® brick pool opens alongside the world-first exhibition ‘The DEEP’ - made with LEGO® bricks. Both are open until Sunday 8 September 2019. A perfect rainy-day activity during the school holidays.

    CCTV installed to protect church against vandalism
    A local resident and business owner in Lymm has donated CCTV cameras to St Mary’s Church after learning of reported vandalism and damage to the building.  

    Archdeacon praises community of Crewe
    The Archdeacon of Macclesfield has praised the community in Crewe following the fire at Beechmere care home last week. Speaking to BBC Radio Stoke he described the response as "wonderful” and "precious".

    Crewe fire: Call for donations, volunteers and prayers
    Local businesses, organisations and residents are being urged to help by donating, offering practical support and praying for all those affected. Please respond if you can. 

    Grappenhall's bells ring out again
    The wait is finally over for a band of bell ringers in Grappenhall who have returned to ringing after a hiatus of seven months in order to remove old bells and cast and install new ones.


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  • Cycle of Prayer

    Please pray for: James Watt Bicentenary

    The Scottish inventor James Watt died on 19th August 1819 at his Handsworth home in Birmingham, at the age of 84. This year is also the 250th anniversary of his patenting of his condensing chamber improvement to the Newcomen steam engine. In subsequent years he improved the efficiency of the engine further, enabling it to become the power source that drove the industrial revolution. Such was the success of the engine that Watt became a very wealthy man. He retired in 1800 and devoted the rest of his life to research. The unit of measurement of electrical and mechanical power ? the watt ? is named in his honour.
    Watt’s undoubted genius was a key driver of the industrial revolution ? something he achieved as a young man. But that success was built on his readiness to co-operate with others; his partner, Matthew Boulton, oversaw the manufacture and marketing of the engine; and Dr Erasmus Darwin offered him support through the bouts of depression he regularly suffered.
    Pray for the legacy of Watt, for inventors and technologists in all areas of life.

    Bishop Bennett Okoro, Orlu (Nigeria); Bishop Sixbert Macumi, Buye (Burundi) Bishop Danald Jute, Kuching (South East Asia)


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