Items for disposal

The following surplus items are currently available from the Diocese of Chester. Please contact the DAC Office for more details. Please note that a faculty will normally be required for any fixture or fitting being installed in a church. Fonts and altars are available only for use in places of worship, with the permission of the Bishop. Further items are also available from both closed and open churches, so if you have a specific requirement please contact the DAC Office who may be able to help.

Minor items (e.g. hassocks, choir robes, hymn books) not requiring a faculty for their transfer can be advertised and acquired via the diocesan swap shop, but please check that the item you propose to swap or acquire is covered by the diocesan List A and List B provisions.

Major items for disposal


Diocesan swap shop

Parishes are invited to submit details of items they wish to dispose of, so that such items can be kept in productive use in other churches.

Many items offered for re-use in other churches will be covered by the A and B Lists. In some cases, a dispensation may be possible.  Where a faculty is required, the process must be completed before any transfer of the item(s) is effected.

If you wish to offer an item for disposal, please e-mail the following details to

  1. Photograph(s) and description of the item
  2. Quantity available
  3. Size (where appropriate)
  4. Condition
  5. Location
  6. Parish contact details - preferably an e-mail address

The items will then be advertised for a finite period on the DAC web pages.

Items currently available

Ref 111214: Quantity 3 coat racks with hangers

Location: Knutsford St John the Baptist
Contact: Mrs Helen Kimber, e-mail:

Ref: 310116: Quantity 200 copies of Hymns Ancient and Modern

(new standard words edition)
Location: Heswall Church of the Good Shepherd
Condition: Generally good
Contact: Mr David Wetherell, e-mail:

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