Building God's Kingdom: research, reflections & case studies on church buildings

Church Buildings and Halls Case Studies Publication

The news article on the Church Buildings and Halls Case Studies publication, which featured in the Diocesan news in June 2021, is accompanied by an introductory video by Bishop Mark; you can find both via the above hyperlink.

The publication features 14 case studies from around the Diocese. This is a contribution to us developing a reflective learning culture, as, for the first time, we've gathered stories not only of what and how church buildings and halls were redeveloped but why parishes did this and the difference it has made to ministry and mission. Read their stories in Appendix E below, or use the above hyperlink. Feel free to contact a church directly if you would like to learn more.

Building God's Kingdom: Research and Development Paper

The research and development paper was updated in May 2021, and first presented at Diocesan Synod and both archidiaconal meetings in November 2019. It is written as a starter for conversations by mapping the landscape of current use and thinking about church buildings and halls. The paper was written by Emily Allen, previous Church Buildings Adviser for the Diocese. Please find below the main research paper, along with appendices that contain more detailed information for each chapter:

1. Building God's Kingdom Research and Development Paper

2. Appendix A  Theological Reflections on Sacred Space

3. Appendix B  National Context on Church Buildings

4. Appendix C  Diocesan Context on Church Buildings

5. Appendix D  Parish Survey results 2018

6. Appendix E  Church Buildings and Halls Case Studies, (featured above)

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