Online Faculty System

How to register as a user and access the Online Faculty System

The Online Faculty System came into effect in the Diocese of Chester from 1 January 2016.  If you haven't done so already, register now to submit faculty or List B applications. It is no longer possible to apply for a faculty or List B approval by non-electronic means, but the DAC office are happy to help with your online applications. You can register up to three users per parish. To register, visit Online Faculty System, then click on the "register" button (top right of screen), remember to input the name of your church with your personal details.

You will need to wait for the DAC office to approve your registration before you can start a new application. Once you have started a new application, the DAC office can help you progress it, however they can't start a new application on behalf of a parish, unless you give your express written permission.

The online system coincided with the national implementation of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015.  Both initiatives aimed to help parishes by simplifying and speeding up the faculty process. The online system  helps parishes by:

  • Providing prompts to help parishes complete faculty applications correctly
  • Making consultations and faculty applications quick and easy to submit
  • Allowing parishes to track progress of their application.

Churchcare have provided an introduction to the online faculty system at national level. This includes links to user manuals and frequently asked questions, providing advice on a 24/7 basis. The online system was developed with the specific aim of making things easier and quicker for parishes

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