Support and Advice

Support and Advice:

Promoting Christian Giving
The Diocesan Christian Giving Missioner can advise and assist parishes as they seek to encourage giving to the Church.  This includes helping parishes to undertake a Parish Giving Initiative : a programme designed for your parish to help church members gain a deeper understanding of the principles of Christian giving.

Gift Aid
Gift Aid is a scheme enabling churches and charities to reclaim tax paid by a donor on eligible donations. Those who give by Gift Aid increase the value of the Gift to the Church. Further information about Gift Aid and resources to help you run an effective Gift Aid programme in your parish can be found on the Church of England's Parish Resources website. Detailed guidance about Gift Aid can be found on the HM Revenue & Customs.

Legacy Giving
Leaving a Gift in your will to the Church is a practical way of saying "Thank you" to God for all the blessings we have enjoyed during our lives.  For information about legacy giving, how parishes can encourage legacy gifts to the Church and resources and ideas to help parishes encourage legacy giving visit the Legacy page.

If you need advice and assistance in any of the above areas then please contact Martin Smith, the Diocesan Christian Giving Missioner, who can provide advice, assistance; training and support materials.

Online, Text and Mobile Donations

Although regular giving is the bedrock of support for most churches, one-off donations are a very useful additional supplement to this.

Enabling people to donate online can really increase the amount your church can raise for specific appeals and one off events. Online giving and mobile phone giving are generally additional ways to give, not substitutes for regular giving to your church. Your regular givers should continue to give regularly in their usual way, whether that is by envelope or standing order.

Donors may wish to give online over and above their regular giving however; for example, to specific appeals or to mark special occasions. Online giving can also help attract donations from people who do not normally give; for example, people who do not usually attend church services, people who are attending a wedding or concert or other one-off event, tourists, people moved by a special appeal etc.

A useful summary of the main forms of the ways that donors can give by digital technology can be found on the Parish Resources website

There is also a more detailed guide to Text Giving entitled Text Giving: Guidance for Parishes.

Also on the Parish Resources website is A Guide to Fundraising and Social Media. This guide contains useful information about using new technologies such as Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about your appeals, events and other good stories.

Groups / Networks

Parish Giving Officer network: a network of people who will assist in promoting giving and raise the issue of stewardship in their parish.

Giving Strategy group: The function of the group is to act as a consultative and advisory group to the Diocesan Christian Giving Missioner, in connection with matters relating to Christian Giving and the resourcing and development of the Parish Giving Officer network.  The groups consists of David Blackmore (Chair), Revd Lynne Cullens, Jenny Kidd,  Alan McGraa, Geoffrey Scott, Martin Smith (Christian Giving and Pastoral Reorganisation Missioner) John Stockdale,  Jocelyn Squires and the Revd Andy Stinson (Diocesan Worship Advisor).


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