Community connections

We would strongly recommend you consider contacting the following community organisations for skills-share initiatives (professional advice offered for free), knowledge of local funding sources and/or obtaining 1 to 1 support and training.

Community Voluntary Service (CVS)

Also known as Voluntary Action or Voluntary Community Associations. This is an important organisation for receiving support; here are the main CVS's in our Diocese:

Other community voluntary support organisations

Local authority (council) funding

Your council may have a Fundraising Officer and/or website advice. Each council may have a Members Budget and/or Local Forum funding. Also contact your local MP for advice and support. For example:

Gathering evidence of need for your project 1- national statistics

Index of Multiple Deprivation. Your parish and neighbourhood has been ranked against national indicators to show the level of deprivation in your area. You can find out your score and particular issues affecting your area:

Gathering evidence of need for your project 2- local statistics

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