Fundraising can be a great opportunity for Christian witness. It’s about  speaking with a wide range of people about the work of the church and its desire to do even more, inviting others to join in to make it happen.

Raising more funds also means the church is better resourced to make an even bigger difference in people’s lives and the world around us, for the glory of God.

Church Building or Hall Projects
Church building or hall projects- procurement, VAT and funding for conservation work
Open Church Building or Hall Projects

Community connections
How to make the most of local organisations that support community and voluntary organisations such as churches. This can really help gain local knowledge of needs and assets in the area and local sources of funding.
Open Community connections

Finding grants
Suggestions for on-line resources to help you find and research grant-making trusts
Open Finding grants

How to Fundraise
'How-to' guides and top tips for writing grant applications
Open How to Fundraise