Youth Speak aims to shape future diocese


Youth Speak is a forum for young people to share their views on all kinds of church-related topics. 

The diocesan idea is born out of the national Growing Faith adventure, which is a call for the renewal of hearts and minds so that it becomes second nature to include and value children, young people, and households in every aspect of church life for the lifelong formation of faith in the whole of life.

Could the church be more effective in tackling climate change? Could we make an even bigger difference in local communities? Could the church be more inclusive? Children have many strong opinions on these types of questions and Youth Speak is an opportunity for the wider diocese to hear their responses to these issues. 

Jonathan Masters, Youth, Children and Families Missioner in the Diocese of Chester has been leading the development of Youth Speak, he says: "The future of the church depends upon our young congregation continuing their Christian faith into their adult lives. Whilst the church offers many activities for very young children, it is recognised that, as children enter their teens, some do start to drift away. One of the reasons for this that we sometimes hear is that the church doesn't really cater to people of their age. We really want to hear what young people think so that we can make the church better and more welcoming for them. And this is why we are inviting people between 10 and 18 years old to join Youth Speak, where young people can meet together to give their views on all kinds of church-related topics."

Find out more and sign up to Youth Speak here.

Most Youth Speak meetings will be held at Foxhill House, near Frodsham, on Saturdays. There will be approximately four meetings each year, with some attendance at other meetings such as Bishop’s Staff and Diocesan Synod, which happen in the week and on Saturdays.

If you know someone aged 10 to 18 years old, who might be interested in being a part of the changing face of the Church of England within our diocese, please encourage them to sign up. 

For more information contact Jonathan Masters: 

T: 07595 069880

Page last updated: 21st May 2021 4:24 PM