The power of poetry

People have long turned to poetry to make sense of the world. Ever since the technology of pen and paper has allowed, people have used poetic verse to capture the experience of life. Today is no different. 

As we live through one of the most profound moments in our lives, again people are putting pen to paper and writing poetry as a means of reflection on what we're living through. 

Three members of clergy in the Diocese of Chester who enjoy writing poetry held a conversation via Zoom to explore why it is that poetry still has such an appeal and a power. 

The Revd Anne Lawson, Vicar of of Acton, Worleston, Wettenhall, and Church Minshull
The Revd Steve Sheridan Priest in Charge of St Thomas of Canterbury, Chester 
The Revd Alec Brown, Vicar of Great Budworth, and Antrobus


The Revd Anne Lawson
The Resurrection for COVID-19

The Revd Anne Lawson
Triduum for COVID-19

The Revd Alec Brown
Thoughts on a newly planted field

The Revd Steve Sheridan


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