Six people elected to the CNC


The diocesan Vacancy in See Committee has elected six people to represent the diocese on the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), the body that will interview candidates and ultimately nominate someone to be the next Bishop of Chester.   

The election took place on Tuesday 24 September.  

The six diocesan representatives are:  

The Ven Ian Bishop  
Mr John Mason  
The Revd Rob Munro 
Mrs Elizabeth Renshaw 
Mrs Deborah Woods 
The Revd Peter Froggatt 

The six diocesan representatives will join others from the Church of England as a whole, including the Archbishops, to form the CNC. It is due to meet for the first time on 03 February and then again on the 16 and 17 March.  

An announcement on who has been nominated to be the next Bishop of Chester is expected around Easter time.  

The diocesan Vacancy in See Committee is currently writing its Statement of Needs - a brief description of the diocese and statement setting out the desired profile of the next bishop. The document will help inform the CNC as to the qualities the diocese hopes to see in the next Bishop of Chester.  

The document follows a diocesan-wide consultation that asked people to share their views on who should be the next Bishop of Chester and what qualities he or she should have. Over 430 individuals, groups and PCCs responded.  

The Statement of Needs for the Diocese of Chester will be published later this autumn. 


Next steps in the vacancy process

The Diocese of Chester publishes its Statement of Needs

February 03
The CNC meets for the first time

March 16/17
The CNC meets again and agrees on the person it wishes to nominate for the role

Downing Street announces the name of the next Bishop of Chester