Mayor welcomes Bishop-designate Sam


Christian and new Mayor of Stockport, Councillor Adrian Nottingham has warmly welcomed the Bishop-designate of Stockport, the Revd Canon Sam Corley, and raised a glass to his ministry in the region.

Meeting at the family-run Robinsons brewery, which has been brewing beer in the town since 1839, the Mayor said: “The Church of salt and light being in and being seen in every sphere of the town has got to be good.

“I am a follower of Jesus, so to have workers for the harvest come to Stockport is special for me. A genuine special welcome to you.”

The two bishops-designate, the Bishop of Chester and the Mayor of Stockport raise a glass to their new ministries during a mini-tour of the diocese

The Mayor described how the town has been on a journey of physical renewal recently and a spiritual prayer renewal has been running alongside it.

“The physical renewal of the town centre has been advancing. Where most town centres are losing trade and losing footfall, Stockport’s been working really hard to change that. For quite some time there’s been a spiritual prayer renewal to go alongside the physical, to see the provision that God would bring in terms of life into our town centre.”

Councillor Adrian took up the year-long post at the end of May and said he hoped his year in office would be, “a year to connect, to encourage, to affirm what people have been doing during the pandemic year and what they are looking forward to doing going forwards.”

Bishop-designate Sam said: “Everything that the mayor has been saying about how he works and what he longs for in his year in office is exactly what the Church is about: drawing alongside, making connections, encouraging, affirming – so we share so much in common.

“It’s absolutely crucial that the Church and civic authorities work together – we’re all here for the wellbeing of those who live, work and play in these areas so we’re weaker without one another and much stronger when we work together."

The Robinsons brewery has been on the same site in Stockport since 1839 and has witnessed the highs and lows of the town over the decades.

Operations Manager, John Robinson, welcomed the bishops and the mayor and said the family-run brewery is keen to play its role in the regeneration of the town: “Together churches and pubs are important to community life, not only in Stockport but across the North West, and so it’s with great pleasure that we are able to welcome the new Bishops of Stockport and Birkenhead, and the new Mayor of Stockport to the Robinsons brewery.

“The family-run brewery has been in the town since 1839 and as we emerge from lockdown we’re as keen as ever to play what part we can in the renewal and regeneration of the town and we look forward to working with the Church and the Council to ensure Stockport and the region continue to thrive.”

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