Live streaming goes hi-tech in Wallasey

For the past nine months, Alex White has been quietly building a TV studio in his house. Little did he know when he started out on his venture, just how his own personal interest would become so entwined with his church life.

Alex is married to Rev Elaine White, who is the Curate at St Mary’s Liscard. With the arrival of Coronavirus, Alex and Elaine realised that they could utilise the studio in ways that would go beyond the capabilities of a smartphone.

Alex’s studio is equipped with a collection of hi-tech gadgetry and software, not too dissimilar to what the national broadcasters might use. There’s a lighting setup, a 32-track audio mixing desk and a green-screen background, which means he can add any background behind the presenter, Elaine.

Specialised software enables Elaine to chat live with people in other locations while Alex operates the controls to cut between the two as they chat. Juggling video, audio and captions on the fly is a lot for one person to do.  Alex admits; “It can get to be a bit overwhelming at times, especially as it’s live. There can be the occasional technical hiccup, but I can usually fix those without too much effort.”

St Mary’s Liscard works together with St Mary’s, St Luke Poulton & St Pauls in Seacombe under the single banner of Wallasey Parishes. They are currently streaming 4 times a week simultaneously to both Facebook and YouTube and would like to develop their content to including live interviews with more people across the diocese. If you have an idea for a topic and would be happy to appear on a live stream then Alex and his team would be pleased to hear from you.


Alex can be contacted at Alex White.  T: 07714 660457

You can access Wallasey Parishes content here:



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