How are you doing?

Support for our wellbeing continues to be offered in a variety of ways to people in the Diocese of Chester, albeit remotely. Make the most of the support below if you need to: 

St Luke's support for clergy and their families

St Luke’s is a charity that can help clergy and their family members when they are experiencing ill health. It is releasing weekly resources, the latest of which is titled: "Crisis fatigue and you”. These resources can all be found at 

St Luke’s is also offering support to clergy and their families. Contact them at or on 020 7898 1700

Confidential conversations in the Diocese of Chester

Within the Diocese of Chester a number of people can be contacted confidentially if you require a conversation:

David Herbert, Continuing Ministerial Development Adviser
T: 07889 217589

Christine Broad, Dean of Women in Ministry
T: 0151 678 4825

Peter Mackriell, Head of the Diocesan Counselling Services
T: 07918 732806


If you would simply appreciate the opportunity to pray with someone, please contact Jonathon Green at Foxhill, on 01928 733777, 07513 170210 or

Employee Assistance Programme

The Diocese of Chester has partnered with Health Assured to provide an Employee Assistance Programme for all clergy - stipendiary and SSMs - and Church House staff. The programme provides a free 24-hour confidential helpline, as well as proactive advice on matters such as family issues; legal information; medical information; financial information; stress and anxiety; bereavement; and addiction issues.

To find out more information on what services Health Assured can provide, please visit or contact 0800 030 5182.

To gain access to the Health Assured Portal you will require login credentials, for which you need to contact HR at Church House by email

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