Goal for 188 churches to share sermon


Rev Captain Kelvin Bolton

Rev Captain Kelvin Bolton, who lives in Ashtom in Makerfield (Near wigan) is a Captain in the Church Army and covers the northwest of England. He has created a video in support of the Church Army's 1882 challenge, which aims to raise £82,000 for marginalised communities across the UK and Ireland by doing something around the numbers 18, 82, or even 1882!

Kelvin wanted to participate in the campaign and came up with the idea of filming himself delivering a sermon and then seeing if 188 churches could show it as part of their service on 27 September, the day that the Church Army was founded in 1882.

The reading Kelvin has used is 2 Cor3:3-6. He says: "In the sermon, I try to encourage people to see evangelism as part of a whole way of life."

The video is available for viewing here. If you would like to show the video as part of your church service, you can stream the video from Vimeo or contact Kelvin directly, he would be happy to send the video as a file.

Kelvin's contact details are:
T: 01942-593273) 
E: Kelvin.Bolton@ChurchArmy.org
If you'd like to make a donation to support the 1882 Challenge, you can visit Kelvin's Just Giving page here.


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