Food for the frontline

The Revd Elaine Chegwin Hall has been working with local coffee shop, The Funky Monkey, since before the lockdown, to try and find ways of serving the community through food.

Together they hatched a plan to serve frontline workers with food. 

Heather and Marcus, the owners of Funky Monkey have since been working with a neighbouring restaurant @203 The Lane, to provide food for front line workers such as the NHS and ambulance staff. 

Elaine helping to deliver food to Sharples in Bramhall and Co-Op Funeral Care in Davenport

On Monday food was prepared and delivered to all the staff at the crematorium and cemetery at Stockport, including the office workers and grounds staff, as well as the funeral directors in the parish of Stockport St George. 

Everyone received a sandwich of their choice, fruit, a cake and an evening meal to take home. 

The Revd Canon Elaine Chegwin Hall helped with practical support, collecting and delivering the food and has supported the coffee shop owners in their community action. She says: "I have been praying publicly at our live stream services, for all those in bereavement care. There's a lot of people who probably wouldn't think of themselves as frontline workers, and that's where we're going today. And the wonderful thing is how thrilled they were to be thought of. They are working their days off, they are coming into some horrible situations and having to make the best of it so this is going to make their day, so thanks to Heather and Marcus." 

Watch a video of Elaine speaking with Heather, owner of Funky Monkey, the coffee shop behind the initiative. 



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