Faith at Home

Faith at Home is a national campaign that builds on the work of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people.

Home is where we are spending almost all of our time these days. It's become the location for almost everything we do, think and feel. It's where we eat, sleep and find ourselves at the start and end of our day. Home is where we can feel the strongest sense of belonging, where we can feel connected to ‘our people’, where we can feel part of ‘our tribe’. It can also be a place of doubt, questions, loneliness and fear. While talking about being the vine, Jesus invites us to be at home in him, as he is at home in us (John 15:1-4 MSG). We are invited to imagine that we are sharing our everyday lives with each other and with God, intertwined by love as a community of growing faith.

The Church of England has created a number of resources to help communicate the word of God to those at home. The programme of ideas and content been specifically created for parents, school teachers and church leaders and will be released weekly until 16 July, covering a variety of topics including, courage, love, humility, and patience.

You can find out more and download the resources on the Church of England Website

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