Donations from Churchwardens to support 'Filling the Gap'

At the Archdeacons' Visitation Services, the Churchwardens in attendance traditionally make a donation to charity and this year the Archdeacons have chosen Transforming Lives Together as their charity of choice. The money raised will go towards funding, Filling the Gap, an initiative that provides meals for children during the school holidays. 

Wendy Robertson, Community Missioner of Transforming Lives Together, the charity behind the scheme, says: “We are delighted to have been chosen to benefit from the collections made at the Archdeacons' Visitations. We currently have 17 churches across the diocese delivering Filling the Gap. Our aim is to expand the programme this coming summer so that more families can benefit from the social and practical support offered. The money raised will enable us to help more churches to join the initiative by purchasing necessary equipment, Food Safety certificates, and resources for activities. The funding may also be used to support existing Funding the Gap churches through the purchase of supplementary fresh fruit and vegetables."

Filling the Gap is a network of churches that support families with children during school holidays by delivering food and activities. It is open to all families with an emphasis on enabling socially disadvantaged children and families to eat healthy food and play together. The scheme can be especially helpful for single parents and families with several children when providing meals for children on holiday when free school meals aren't available, can be a significant strain on the family budget.

Wendy recalls a meeting with a single mum of three, who was dropping her children off at Filling the Gap who told her that she was so grateful to be able to have a morning to herself. When the time came to pick her children up, the mother explained that she had "learned so much about how to enjoy my kids. I have watched how the play leaders manage the children and how they never shout and I realise that if I shouted less, and if the kids are kept occupied, they are well-behaved. I’m not sure if the kids have noticed a difference but I have!”

Transforming Lives Together is an independent charity working in partnership with Chester Cathedral. The main focus of its work is to support churches to engage with their communities, specifically in relation to issues such as poverty, inequality, and loneliness. 

If you'd like to know more about Transforming Lives Together or its scheme, Filling the Gap, you can contact Wendy by emailing or calling 07787712783

Visit the Transforming Lives Together website for more information. 




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