Bishops Sam and Julie grilled by Archdeacons

Bishop Sam Corley and Bishop Julie Conalty have each had their Welcome Services in the last week. They were asked some very searching and personal questions by the Archdeacons who gave no quarter in their respective grillings.

Bishop Sam's Welcome Service - 14 October 2021: St George's, Stockport

During Bishop Sam's Welcome Service, The Archdeacon of Macclesfield, Ian Bishop, asked a series of quick-fire questions that were designed to get to the heart of what Sam is all about. "Daniel Craig or Hugh Grant?" asked Ian. Sam was quite unprepared for this line of questioning and for a moment, didn't seem to know how to respond.  His hesitancy to answer was easy to understand. Both Daniel Craig and Hugh Grant are well-known British actors, who have almost identical careers in film.  Both are known for playing parts that require them to be in fight scenes, have romantic interests and to say the occasional witty line. In this sense, there's very little to differentiate them. Choosing between Daniel and Craig on the basis of their acting requires much thought and consideration. A properly formed response would take at least thirty minutes, possibly hours. In realising this, Bishop Sam, in a moment of  genius, opted to interpret the question based on the actors' physical appearance by answering "I don't fancy either of them to be honest."

You can see the video below


Bishop Julie's Welcome Service - 18 October 2021: Christ the King, Birkenhead

What do Bishops wear beneath their robes? It's a question that many people ponder but never dare to ask a Bishop directly. But during Bishop Julie's Welcome Service, there was one person who took the bold step to ask Julie about a certain aspect of her attire. It was Mark, the Bishop of Chester, who dared to raise the subject of Julie's shoes. "Episcopal Boots," Said Julie, who was quick to highlight the distinction. It seems that she's quite a fan of obscure and quirky footwear brands, especially ones with strange names. Julie herself admitted to not knowing the correct pronunciation of some of her favourite shoes (boots), and it seemed to not matter anyway as no one in the congregation was able to say if she was right or wrong.

You can see the video below





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