Bishop's Council to meet by Zoom

For the first time in its history, Bishop’s Council in the Diocese of Chester will take place virtually, with members taking part via video call.

The next Bishop’s Council is due to be held in the afternoon of Tuesday 12 May.

The decision to hold the meeting virtually was taken by Bishop Keith Sinclair, Acting Bishop of Chester. He says governance of the diocese should not be unduly hampered and normality is important: “We are blessed with the wonders of modern technology and we must embrace it where ever possible.

“This is a first for the Diocese of Chester but it’s important that we regain a sense of normality where we can and not allow the current situation to hamper our responsibilities to function and govern as a diocese.”

The decision to hold a virtual Bishop’s Council follows a change to Church of England guidance which states it is permissible to hold PCCs via Zoom or other "virtual means". The change in policy will “help parishes with the continuity of key decisions and discussions” the guidance says.

You can read the Church of England guidance in full on the Coronavirus page of the Church of England website.


Page last updated: Thursday 7th May 2020 8:01 PM
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