Beyond Tithing by Stuart MurrayA radical examination of the contemporary practice of tithing in which the author argues that the current legalistic approach alienates us from Jesus and is far from Christian. (published by Paternoster Press, ISBN 1842270001)

Beyond the Collection Plate – Developing Church Income from Different Sources
Beyond the Collection Plate is written by Steve Pierce, Director of Stewardship and Learning in the Diocese of Liverpool. This book offers clear accessible advice which will be of value to everybody involved in the leadership and financial management of churches, as well as to groups engaged in church fundraising activities. Topics covered include:
• Planned giving
• The role of Friends groups
• Trading
• Events and Appeals
• Gift Aid
• Digital Giving
• Legacies

Beyond the Collection Plate opens up ideas for generating new income streams and helps users develop a strategy for funding the fabric, ministry and mission of their church.
(published by spmfunessentials  ISBN: 9781908595331)

Explaining Christian Giving by Dale Appleby - This book gives an overview of what the Bible says about giving. (published by Sovereign World, ISBN 185240079X)

Generosity by Michael Wakely – Michael shows how God’s generosity can be the starting-point for our own. (published by Intervarsity Press, ISBN 184474020X)

Giving Together by Carole A Wehrheim - Carole presents a concise, accessible resource to help families better understand the importance of stewardship. (published by Westminster John Knox,  ISBN 0664226892)

God’s Wealth: whose money is it anyway? by Neil Hood - Money plays a vital role in all our lives whether we have much or little; whether we love it or view it biblically. Neil Hood delves into this key subject, looking at people’s current view on money, their understanding of it in terms of ownership and attitudes towards materialism. (published by Authentic Lifestyle, ISBN 1850785678)

God’s Wisdom for your Money by Jim Dunn - Jim helps to get money into perspective and shows how to use it wisely by applying biblical principles. (published by Kingsway, ISBN 0854769129)

Root of all Evil? by Antonia Swinson - Antonia shows us how we can make our spiritual values count in a world where it is difficult to break free from the stranglehold of the financial interests of others. (published by St Andrew Press, ISBN 0715208055)

Take my Plastic by Peter Maiden - An insight into Christian giving and money management, which speaks in depth about tithing and in what ways we should be thinking about taking part in it. (published by OM Publishing, ISBN 1850782636)

The Gift of Giving by RT Kendall - Kendall’s book explains and promotes the principle of tithing. (published by Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN 0340863315)

The Money Revolution by John Preston - Churches are often guilty of not mentioning money but John Preston, the Church of England’s National Stewardship Officer, explains how much God actually talks about it. (published by Authentic, ISBN 139781850787549)

What does Love Require? by Redina Kolaneci - A series of Bible studies on stewardship, suitable for small groups and individuals, that seek to help Christians develop a lifestyle of using the resources God has given them for the benefit of others. (available from Stewardship Services, PO Box 99, Loughton IG10 3QJ)

What Jesus said about Money and Possessions by Keith Tondeur - Jesus’ teaching on money and possessions is contained in twenty-two key parables. Each is explored with care, considering what each means for our relationships, giving and sense of security. (published by Monarch Books, ISBN 1854244183)

Whose Money is it Anyway? A Biblical Guide to Using God’s Wealth by John MacArthur - A candid look at Christian money management, this discusses instant gratification, charity, success and other important topics concerning faith and finances. (published by Word Publishing, ISBN 0849955548)

Your Money and your Life by Keith Tondeur - This book looks in detail at all aspects of biblical teaching on money and demonstrates that by handling money in line with Christian principles we can enjoy contentment and freedom from the fear which affects so much of our financial thinking. (published by SPCK Triangle, ISBN 0281049432)
Your Money Counts by Howard Dayton - A biblical guide to earning, spending, saving, investing, giving and getting out of debt. (published by Tyndale House, ISBN 0842385924)

Yours, Lord - a Handbook of Christian Stewardship by Michael Wright - This book helps us with our attitude to money, lifestyle, and generosity; and it gives guidance on making a mission statement, coping with change, personal appraisal and action. (published by Mowbray; ISBN 0264672755)


Generous God Generous People- Produced by the Diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan Giving Group, this booklet contains a series of daily Bible Readings on the Theme of Christian Giving.

Giving for Life – Encouraging Generosity in Your Parish
Produced by a sub-group of the National Stewardship Committee, Giving for Life is a short guide that aims to help PCCs encourage generous giving amongst their church members. PDF versions of this guide for local printing are available at

What’s your 'X' factor? – How to Give Proportionately
Written by David Blackmore and Martin Smith this booklet is designed for those who take proportionate giving seriously and for those who enjoy the numerical side of the challenge to give proportionately. Now in its second edition, this booklet does not attempt to lay down any rules about giving, the authors merely make a series of suggestions and invite the reader to find their own particular way forward according to their own circumstances. To order copies, please email:


The following links take you to valuable online Christian Stewardship resources. They contain a wealth of information and reliable links in a simple-to-use layout.

Building a Generous Church
On this section of the Church of England’s website you will find a wide variety of resources, guidance and inspiration for encouraging giving to your church and for growing generosity within your church.

Parish Resources
This site is provided by the Church of England's National Stewardship and Resources Team and offers a wide range of resources to support all aspects of stewardship in the local church.

Church Legacy
The Church Legacy website is a dedicated website with information on making and revising wills and leaving a gift to the Church.

Giving in Grace
Giving in Grace, developed and maintained by the Diocese of Liverpool, offers all the resources needed to run full giving programmes and annual reviews.

HM Revenue & Customs
Amongst other things, HM Revenue & Customs website contains detailed guidance on the Gift Aid Scheme

The Money Revolution
The Money Revolution is a short book for church members on Christian principles for handling money. The website has a number of free downloads.

TRIO (The Responsibility is Ours)
Published by the Diocese of Southwark, TRIO is available as a binder with the materials needed for running a programme which seeks to present the needs of a parish to its church members.

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