How to Fundraise

Begin at the beginning

Good fundraising begins with 1. Prayer! 2.  A clear vision for your church- what are you seeking to achieve, why is it needed, where is the evidence for this, and what difference it will make to people after the project is completed? It can help speaking with other churches about their experience.

Assistance from Church House

  • To develop a clear vision for the project based on mission or social action, it may first benefit speaking with the Mission team and Social Responsibility team.
  • To turn this vision into a fundraising plan for your church building or hall, contact Emily Allen. For support with fundraising for social responsibility projects or posts, contact Debbie Dalby
  • Financial and legal questions can be directed to the Finance team

The Theology of Fundraising

It's all about sharing your vision for how the church can better make a positive difference in your local area and inviting others to be part of it-  fundraising is missional. A useful short book to explore this further is 'Spirituality of Fundraising' by Henri Nouwen, 2011, available from such providers as Amazon etc etc.

How-to Guides to fundraising

  • Church of England’s Parish Resources. This is an excellent range of ‘funding guides’- 12 guides on capital fundraising and 6 further guides on church activity fundraising. This includes traditional fundraising methods and online fundraising.

Further How-to Guides

Fundraising and the law

Stories worth sharing

Here are a small selection of amazing fundraising efforts by churches in our Diocese to safeguard and improve church buildings to help enable them to realise their potential. Funding typically comes from generous Christian giving. This may or may not be supported by grants and community fundraising:

  • Major repair grants. Previously with English Heritage and later with the Heritage Lottery Fund administrating the repairs grant, over 20 churches have been successful with grants, totalling over £5m. The government's Roof Repair Fund enabled seven churches to secure a total of around £500,000
  • Major fundraising campaign example. Handbridge Parish Community Centre (Chester). The parish have nearly secured all of the £1.6 million to build the new centre for the whole community. The funds were raised through grants, generous donations and community fundraising activities. The building work will begin July 2017 and anticipated to take nine months.
  • Small fundraising campaign example. Appleton Thorn, St Cross.The parish needed to secure around £7,000 to improve their heating system. For the first time, they decided to try to secure grants in order to complement Christian Giving and community events. This proved successful and the project was completed in 2017.

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