Handpicked Lent resources for 2022

Increasingly in recent years, Lent has been rediscovered as a sacred time of reflection and renewal in its own right and a time of preparation for the seasonal finale that is Easter Day.

Picking out the right Lent course can be tricky and there is certainly a lot to choose from. To help you, this year members of the Outreach Team based at Church House have handpicked 12 Lent resources that will appeal to individuals, families, and churches.

Embracing Justice

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2022

The book asks: What might a spirituality shaped by biblical portrayals of justice look like for the church of the 21st century?

We are invited to journey through Scripture to discover how we, as churches, communities and individual Christians, can seek and practice justice even when enmeshed in such a fractured world.

Full of practical encouragement, the book weaves together biblical texts, diverse voices, contemporary stories, and personal and group meditations to reveal liberating and imaginative ways in which we might grow in discipleship – and more fully reflect the justice, mercy, and compassion of Christ in our lives.

You will look at different issues of justice – from climate and economic justice to gender and racial equality – that are increasingly at the forefront of global consciousness, and the role that Christians and the Church must play in them. It aims to encourage, inform and motivate you to understand justice from a biblical perspective and inspire you to seek it in every aspect of your life.

You can find it here (and other booksellers): https://spckpublishing.co.uk/embracing-justice-677

A daily readings booklet is also available to run alongside it: https://www.chpublishing.co.uk/features/live-lent

Following Christ in the footsteps of the Saints – guided by the story of St. Winefride/Gwenffrewi

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

A study from the Mission Theology Advisory Group (MTAG), drawing on material prepared for a 70-mile pilgrimage from Holywell, Wales, to Shrewsbury after Easter this year (see the Lichfield Diocese website for details).

There is a path through the materials that focusses on the scripture for the day, and also one that takes you more deeply into the traditional accounts of St Winefride, whose story has many touchpoints with our modern world – sexual harassment and coercion, misuse of power, the place of faith and the right to follow Jesus, and the contemporary need for healing and hope.

You can follow either ‘path’, or mix and match them, but each session has five ‘stations’: a conversation starter; something to talk about together; something to reflect on; something to do; and something to deepen our Christian lives as disciples as we seek to follow Jesus Christ more faithfully. The final station concludes with prayer.

More details and the material can be found here: https://ctbi.org.uk/lent-study-2022/

Previous CCTBI courses are also available: https://ctbi.org.uk/category/spirituality-and-reflection/lent-courses/

God has no Favourites

York Courses
£2.99 – 14.99 depending on format

Now published by SPCK, this year’s course is written by Dr. Carmody Grey. In it, you will explore how each of us is called to discover that God is completely inclusive. He does not apportion his welcome or love according to our prejudices or preferences. 

Every single human being, whatever age, sex, class, race or religion is in God's image. Jesus has identified himself personally with each one of us, God's love and the power of the Holy Spirit is for everyone, no caveats.

As with previous Lent York Courses, the standard study book is supported by an in-depth interview, covering all five sessions between Dr Carmody Grey and Simon Stanley available on CD, as a digital download or as a transcript in either paperback or ebook.

It can be ordered from: https://spckpublishing.co.uk/bible-studies-and-group-resources/york-courses

Previous York courses are still available from: https://www.yorkcourses.co.uk/

Life on the Breadline

Breadline Research

Based on three years of research and conversations, led by a team including Church Action on Poverty, and academics from the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University, the Lincoln Theological Institute at Manchester University, and the University of Winchester.

The course consists of six sessions covering:

  1. Christian responses to poverty
  2. “Love thy neighbour” – poverty and inequality
  3. Race, ethnicity, austerity, and faith
  4. Deficits and assets
  5. Housing (in)justice
  6. Poverty and structural inequality

Each session starts with a short video to stimulate discussion, followed by a short reflection time on the video. Some scripture passages lead into a guided reflection, followed by a wider discussion. The final section prompts thoughts on practical actions before turning to prayer to end each session.

You can find the material here: https://breadlineresearch.coventry.ac.uk/churches/lent-course/

Life on the Frontline & Fruitfulness on the Frontline

London Institute of Contemporary Christianity
£5 (digital version)

These are two separate courses that help participants think through what it means to be a Christian in the everyday world and equip people to live as faithful disciples wherever they are Monday – Saturday.

The two courses use a mixture of research, videos, and discussion to help broaden people’s horizons for everyday discipleship.

Church House ran the course online in 2021 and it was very well received. 



Living in Love and Faith

Church of England

Living in Love and Faith, is a major new exploration of Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships, and marriage. The LLF course aims to help Christians think more deeply about what it means to be human. It provides a structured and accessible way for local groups to engage in and reflect on the issues at hand. Each of the five sessions explores one key topic, with an opening reflection about learning together, followed by teaching, time for discussion, and Bible study. The sessions end with an invitation to reflect on our learning, bringing it to God in prayer.

As well as providing notes for leading groups, the course signposts relevant chapters in the Living in Love and Faith book, films, podcasts, and other digital resources available via www.churchofengland.org/LLF where you can also find a video version of the course. 

Loved and Liked

Written by Peter Hill, in collaboration with The Fuel Cast and Gloucester Diocese

Designed as a ‘prequel’ to the LICC Fruitfulness on the Frontline course, Loved and Liked aims to enable people to explore who they are as diverse individuals inhabiting different stories and carrying different joys and hurts. It invites participants to dare to discover yet more of the God who knows us by name, loves us and calls us to go on becoming who we have been created to be.

Discovering our unique identity cannot be separated from exploring who we are as people created to live in relationship with God, neighbour and creation in many different contexts, past and present, and it is hoped that the group interaction of the course will engage both the head and heart amid questions, challenges and encouragement. It is not a course seeking right answers but rather an invitation to take risks as we respond to Jesus Christ’s offer of life in all its fullness wherever we find ourselves and in whatever circumstances.

The course explores the following five questions:

  1. Journey - Am I on a journey or is this it?
  2. Identity - Am I the wrong person or in the wrong place?
  3. Story - What is my story so far?
  4. Called - If that’s true, what next?
  5. Equipped - Shall I just try harder?

There is then a sixth session to review what has been learned in order to celebrate and encourage one another. This could be held around Pentecost or later in the year.

There is a mix of video, bible readings, discussion and prayer, lasting around 1 ½ hours.

The resources are available at: https://www.lovedandliked.life/

Meals with Jesus: A journey through Luke’s gospel for the whole family

Written by Ed Drew, The Good Book Company

Encounter Jesus in the pages of Scripture with these easy-to-use 10-minute daily devotions for families. Explore nine meals that Jesus shared with people in Luke’s gospel, from lunch with Levi, to supper in Emmaus. Sit with him at the table, ask your deepest questions and hear Jesus speak.

These discussion-based devotionals include differentiated questions for 3-4s, 5-7’s, 7-12’s, teens, and adults. At just ten minutes each, they are an achievable joy, not an unrealistic burden.

Meals With Jesus - Ed Drew | The Good Book Company

An Ocean of Grace: A Journey to Easter with Great Voices from the Past

Written by Tim Chester, The Good Book Company

Reflect on Jesus in the run-up to Easter with this inspiring collection of daily devotions and prayers from great Christian writers of the past, each bringing a special focus to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These are designed for personal study, but might be appreciated by a small group reflecting on them at intervals through Lent.


Sharing the Easter Story: from reading to living the gospel

Written by Sally Welch, BRF

In this year’s BRF Lent book, Sally Welch explores two questions: What is the Easter story really about, and how do we share it?

Through each week of Lent, a different aspect of the Easter story is examined: repentingforgivinghopingtrustingsacrificing, loving and changing.

Within each week, the days are focussed on what we need to do in order to share the story: listeningunderstandingreflectinglivingtellingsharing and becoming. Each day offers a Bible passage, followed by a reflection and a prayer. Suggestions for group study and group study questions are also included.


Talking Jesus

Hope Together, The Church of England, Kingsgate Community Church and the Evangelical Alliance

A short, easily accessible course to help everyone share their faith naturally and relevantly. It will inspire you to share your faith and will give you practical suggestions to help you as you talk about Jesus with the people you meet.

Conversations with Christians are one of the most important influences in bringing people to faith. In this course, there are six encouraging, video-based sessions with short films, inspirational, short testimonies, real-life examples from people who are talking Jesus, and a short, easy-to-follow course book.

There is plenty of chance to discuss with others, and for everyone to feel more confident in sharing their faith. Based on research, this course from Hope Together, the Church of England and the Evangelical Alliance, is accessible and useful for churches of all traditions. See www.talkingjesus.org for details. 

Church House officers are currently running this course online. It's not too late to join in. If interested, register here.

The Growing Good Toolkit

Church Urban Fund

This is a free six-session course helping churches explore the connection between social action, discipleship and growth. 

The Growing Good Toolkit is a resource that equips your church to grow new connections and make a difference where you live. It is available to view, download and share with your church this Lent. You can use it online or at church, in-home groups or bible study groups.

It will help individuals and church groups grow in faithfulness and fruitfulness as part of our call to love our neighbours and seek justice. Find out more about Growing Good here.

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