Church House has closed until further notice. 

If you have an urgent enquiry, please email and someone will respond.

Listed below are the members of staff that are currently available and contactable. Other members of staff will be added to the list as they are issued with laptops and the means with which to work from home during this time of Coronavirus. 

Staff are generally working from home where possible. Those who have a need to work at Church House are denoted below with 'Working from Church House'.

Diocesan Secretary: George Colville - Working from Church House
T:  01928 718834 EXT 247       07590 962 586


Bishops and Archdeacons

Bishop of Birkenhead: Keith Sinclair
T: 0151 652 2741

Archdeacon of Chester: Mike Gilbertson

Archdeacon of Macclesfield: Ian Bishop

Church Maintenance

DAC Secretary: Caroline Hilton
07546 304341

DAC Assistant: Katy Purvis

Clergy Housing

Property Manager and Closed Church Officer: Alan Kempster-Down
07540 725 112

Property Officer: Jane Hague


Director of Communications: James Butterworth
07889 217 594

Design and Communications Officer: Stephen Freeman
07546 303673


Director of Education: Chris Penn
07540 722667

Deputy Director of Education: Sue Noakes

School Effectiveness Officer: Mark Whitehill
07540 722669

Christian Character and CPD: Jen Mcilveen

Administrator in Education: Charlotte Somers

Schools Administrative Assistant: Sandra Reynolds

Schools Building and Finance Officer Assistant: Simon Geddes

Schools Assets Administrator: Sandra Jones


Head of Finance: Nigel Strange - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 241

Assistant Accountant: Sharon Taylor-Booth - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 262

Finance and HR Officer: Maxine Southwick

Finance Officer: Gill Ellis - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 242

Administration Assistant and Receptionist: Emma Hathaway - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 246


Director of HR: Liz Geddes
07918 732 808

Administrator for the Diocesan Director of HR: Mims Harrison - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 266

Finance and HR Officer: Maxine Southwick


Director of Ministry: Revd Canon Dr Christopher Burkett
07921 040 153

PA to the Director of Ministry: Jane Hood

Diocesan Director of Vocations and Residentiary Canon: Revd Canon Sarah Fenby
07714 587 250

PA to the DDV and Administrator for CfM: Peter Bacon

Continuing Ministry Development Officer: Revd Canon David Herbert
07889 217589

Director of Studies for Readers: Revd Liz Shercliff
07889 217 922

Director of Studies for Pastoral Workers: Revd Jenny Bridgman
07546 304644 

Dean of Women in Ministry: Revd Christine Broad
T: 0151 678 4825

Warden of Pastoral Workers and Warden of Readers: Revd Canon Vivien Gisby

Young Vocations Advisers:

Revd Jessica Piper:
Revd Calum Piper:

Prayer and Christian Spirituality Officer: Revd Graham Green
T: 01928 722151


Director of Outreach: Vacant

Assistant to Social Responsibility: Hannah Jones

Head of Counselling: Revd Peter Mackriell
07918 732806

Engagement and Inclusion Officer: Vanessa Layfield
07517 994 493

Transforming Lives Together Community Builder: Wendy Robertson

Diocesan Christian Giving and Pastoral Reorganisation Missioner: Martin Smith
07889 216 596

Diocesan Worship Advisor: Revd Andy Stinson
T: 01829 740 263

Youth, Children and Families Missioner: Jonathan Masters
07595 069880

Church Buildings Missioner: Emily Allen

Mission Administrator: Rebecca Hathaway


Diocesan Registrar: Lisa Moncur

Registry Clerk: Jo Williams


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser: Pauline Butterfield
T: 07703 800 031

PA to the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor: Mims Harrison - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 266

Diocesan Safeguarding Training and Policy Officer: Stephen Ellis

Past Cases Review 2

PCR2 Reviewer (Commissioned by the Church Of England): - Vacant

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