Baptism Matters!

Date: 23rd June 2018

Time: 9:30 - 16:00

The Diocesan Mission Team would love to invite anyone involved in baptism and anyone passionate about mission and growth to come and join us for a day exploring baptism.
Each week 2,200 families have a child under 12 baptised in the Church of England. This is an incredible mission opportunity to make contact with families and their guests, sharing the meaning of baptism and why it is just the beginning of an amazing journey. The Church of England Archbishops’ Council commissioned extensive research to help find out why families choose to have their children baptised, and why they might choose not to. The research focused on baptisms of children under 12 and offered a basis on which new resources could be developed to help churches:
· Attract more people to come to the Church for baptism
· Build understanding of what the Church of England provides
· Build understanding within the Church about what families think about baptism in today’s culture
· Care so much that when do people do come, they want to come back
Baptism is where we welcome a child into the family of God’s people, and rejoice in God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ. Ministry around baptism is also explicitly about church growth and at the beginning of every baptism service these words are said: “In baptism the Lord is adding to our number…” The research and resources aim to help churches deliver exactly that. This training day presents a major opportunity for the Diocese of Chester to engage with the research and resources emerging from this significant work commissioned by the Archbishops' Council. Revd. Lyn Weston, Diocesan Missioner and Jonathan Masters, Younger Generations Missioner are delighted to be joined by Revd. Dr Sandra Millar, Head of Projects and Development for the Archbishops' Council, who heads up the national agenda around baptism, funerals and weddings. Sandra has been a Parish Priest, a Diocesan Children's Advisor, following a career in marketing and research.
During the day, delegates will be provided with both the teaching and the space to discover:
· What really matters to families
· Why godparents are central,
· The importance of welcome
· Practical ideas and understanding
We hope and pray everyone will leave with new or refreshed confidence.

As with all Diocesan Mission Training, this Baptism Matters day will be funded by the Diocesan Board of Finance, with refreshments provided. Please could we ask each of you to bring your own packed lunch.

We very much look forward to seeing you there!


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