Appointing Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors have a vital role in supporting and developing the Christian foundation of the school. 

Foundation governors are important members of governing board teams in church schools with a specific responsibility in terms of monitoring and developing the school's Christian distinctiveness as well as a concern for standards.

In Chester Diocese there are three types of foundation governors apart from the ex officio: those appointed by a charitable trust; those elected by the PCC of the attached parish; and those appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) generally based on the nomination of the local parish.

This means that the appointment of both PCC and DBE governors is an important responsibility for the parish and we provide a pack which can be downloaded here to help understand the needs of governing boards and the process for appointments. An induction pack for those appointed to governance roles in the Diocese of Chester can be downloaded by clicking here.

Governing Boards have overall responsibility for schools; in the light of which, those nominating foundation governors are asked to consider whether the person nominated:

  • Has the relevant skills and experience which will give breadth and strength to the governing board for the benefit of the school.
  • Has the energy for the job and an interest in the task.
  • Will be committed to the Christian and pastoral support and the wellbeing of the school.
  • Will be committed to ensuring the school’s Christian distinctiveness is constantly developed and addressed during governing board discussions.
  • Will complement the background, experience and skill of the other governors and the type of people needed to obtain a balanced governing board – a skills audit should be undertaken to identify gaps in the expertise and skills of the governing board.
  • Will be supported by and supportive of the headteacher, particularly with regard to the overall needs of the governing board.
  • Is willing to challenge professionals appropriately for the benefit of the pupils in the school

There are additional considerations such as, school staff, the total number of parents, married couples on the same governing board and people who to choose to send their children to another school that should be kept in mind and are detailed in the guidance.

Once appointed Foundation governors should act and vote within their conscience and are not representing the DBE or PCC on the governing board, however there are clear expectations about the conduct of governors which must be maintained. In the unlikely event that a foundation governor falls well below this expectation or acts in a manner that is detrimental to the school and its Church foundation then the appointing body can remove the governor or the governing body can request the removal of a governor. For PCC appointed governors this is for the PCC to decide and the DBE can provide advice. For DBE appointed governors the process can be accessed here.

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