Finding grants

Finding grants- online databases

  • Church of England Parish Resources- a list of national grant-making trusts
  • Open 4 Funding (Previously known as GrantNet). You can search a database of funders including trusts, government grants etc, on the Diocese of Chester website. The Diocese of Chester and Manchester share a license so it is free for parishes to register and provides a quick and easy search for funding 
  • Funds for Historic Buildings. A free searchable database for finding grants for buildings
  • The Heritage Alliance Funding Directory. A free searchable database for finding grants for buildings
  • Shrinking the Footprint, Church of England. A list of grants supportive of environmental sustainability projects such as energy efficiency and renewal energy
  • Funding Central. A free database for finding grant-making trusts for organisations under £100,000 annual turnover, or £100 subscription cost if over
  • Charity Commission. As well as looking at the websites of specific grant-making trusts, it's also useful to look them up on the Charity Commission website. Enter the trust's name in the purple 'Charity Search' box. It provides a wealth of information to inform your application.
  • Cheshire related grants (and national list). A selection of local and national grant-making trusts are listed on the Cheshire Community Action website
  • Wirral related grants. A searchable database of local and national grant-making trusts is available through the Merseyside Information Funding Portal
  • Other local sources of funding- see if your local Community Voluntary Service and local council have a funding page on their website

Also speak with Emily Allen, Church Buildings Development Officer, for advice

Government funding

Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)

The HLF is the largest grant provider for repairs, heritage engagement (and potentially now improvements) to places of worship.


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