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    Victor Whitsey Statement
    Joint statement from Archbishop of York and Bishop of Chester

    Vocation calling reaches ten year high
    The number of people entering training to become priests in the Church of England is at the highest level for a decade with women making up more than half the total.

    Face to Face Safeguarding courses
    The Church of England has introduced a new modular safeguarding training and development programme for use by Dioceses, Cathedrals and Theological Education Institutions.

    Historic Remembrance-Tide Prayers
    Special prayers used just six days after the end of the First World War may be heard once again this year as parish churches commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918.

    Transforming lives
    On Monday,25th September representatives of fourteen churches gathered for ‘Filling the Gap 2’.


  • Calendar

    Saturday 4th November
    09:30 Encountering God in Science & Creation

    Monday 6th November
    18:45 McDonald Lecture

    Wednesday 8th November
    10:00 Rethinking Apologetics
    19:30 Luther and the Reformation

    Friday 10th November
    10:00 Explorers programme- Re ordering Relaunch

    Monday 13th November
    19:30 Arts and Faith Network Evening

    Wednesday 15th November

    24 Hours with Zoe Bennett

    Saturday 18th November
    10:00 Safeguarding Training

    Monday 20th November
    10:00 Meeting for Bloggers and Microbloggers

    Saturday 2nd December
    10:00 Art for the Journey

    Tuesday 5th December
    10:00 Refreshing Preaching

    Monday 25th December

    Christmas Day

    Sunday 31st December

    New Years Eve

    Monday 1st January

    New Years Day


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  • Cycle of Prayer

    Cycle of PrayerThe Cycle of Prayer is a book of daily prayers that have been submitted by parishes within the Diocese of Chester. It is produced by the Ministry Department three times a year and is available in hard copy as an A6 booklet and also as a PDF document.


    Download the Cycle of Prayer  for 13 August to 23 December 2017



  • Cycle of Prayer

    Please pray for: Quiet Time
    When I was in my teens as a young keen and committed Christian I was introduced to the practice of the Quiet Time. At the beginning of the day or in my case at the end of the day I was taught to spend time with God reading and meditating upon the Scriptures with an appropriate explanation of the context and relevance. For a number of years I found the notes ’Daily Bread’ published by Scripture Union especially helpful. This input from God helped me to pray and utter my own thanksgivings, confessions and intercessions with a greater devotion than if I had not heard God speaking through His Word. This practice of the Quiet Time has stood me in good stead throughout my life (although there have been times of neglect and laziness which we are all prone to suffer from!). As I give thanks and pray for my family, for friends, for my church, for missionary work, I have found that the God who speaks in scripture inspires my thoughts and prayers and comes to assist in my own daily discipleship. In a world of so much stress and human endeavour I believe it is so necessary to meet with God and commune with Him to undergird our own profession of faith. Rowland Crook (formerly Chairman of Retired Clergy Association) Pray for all who join us in prayer today and every day, wherever they may be.
    Bishop Leonard Dawea, Temotu (Melanesia)