Parishes in Vacancy

The parishes on this page are either vacant or are soon to become vacant and may be advertised in due course.  Please feel able to contact the member of the senior clergy team responsible for a vacancy in which you may have an interest. They will be able to have a conversation with you and give you more information, although it is important to note that we are not yet able to accept applications for these posts.

In the list below the following information is included:
Parish Name; Parish Number; Start date of vacancy; Member of senior clergy team to contact

Stockport St Mary; 1806; 30/04/16; Bishop of Stockport

Great Saughall, Backford & Capenhurst; 0907, 0901 & 0904; 13/10/16; Archdeacon of Chester

Liscard the Resurrection; 0703; 12/07/17; Bishop of Chester

Stockport St Thomas; 1810; 04/03/17; Bishop of Stockport

Offerton St Alban; 1802; 04/03/17; Bishop of Stockport

Macclesfield Team Vicar; 1508, 1521, 1522, 1523; 27/06/17; Bishop of Chester

Newton with Flowery Field; 1613; tbc; Bishop of Stockport

Hyde St George; 1608; 07/09/17; Bishop of Chester

Hyde St Thomas; 1609; 31/07/17; Bishop of Chester

Sandbach Heath and Wheelock; 1319 & 1322; 28/07/17; Archdeacon of Chester

Nantwich; 1717; 04/09/17; Bishop of Stockport

Grange; 0305; 24/09/17; Bishop of Birkenhead

Sale St. Anne; 1015; 19/11/17; Bishop of Stockport

Wilmslow; 1415; 23/10/17; Bishop of Stockport

Plas Newton; 0218; 30/11/17; Bishop of Chester