'Divine Love' the topic of exploration for Interfaith Week

What is Divine Love, and how is it interpreted by the Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths? This question forms the basis of the 'Together in Love' event which event is being held on 14 November, during Interfaith Week which aims to help build good relationships and working partnerships between people of different faiths and beliefs in the UK.

The event will be chaired by Archdeacon Ian Bishop (pictured) and held in the Chapter House at Chester Cathedral. There'll be three eminent speakers, from each of the three faiths represented at the event:

  • Bishop Sam Corley, Bishop of Stockport, will talk about divine love in the Christian faith.
  • Imam Irfan Chishti MBE, of Rochdale Mosque, will talk about divine love in the Islamic faith.
  • Rabbi Yisroel Binstock, of Hale Shule, will talk about divine love in the Jewish faith.

The impetus for organising the event came about through Ian's role as chair of the diocesan Interfaith Group and "wanting to do something for Interfaith Week", which is due to take place during 13-20 November.

Ian says that: "We have not been great at dialogue across the different faith groups, but it's really important that the faith groups work better together and have a greater understanding of each other and I hope this will contribute to both better working and understanding in our diocese."

He goes on to explain that he thinks there will be many similarities in how the different faiths interpret and express Divine Love: "The challenge will be in trying to identify where the differences are in what each of the contributors say and exploring that."

All are welcome to attend. 

The event will be held in the Chapter House where spaces are limited. Refreshments of tea and coffee will be available.

You can register your free place here.

What is Interfaith Week? 

Interfaith Week is a national initiative that aims to:

  • Highlight the good work done by local faith, inter faith and faith-based groups and organisations
  • Draw new people into Inter Faith learning and cooperation
  • Enable greater interaction between people of different backgrounds
  • Help develop integrated and neighbourly communities
  • Celebrate diversity and commonality
  • Open new possibilities for partnership




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