Clergy Wellbeing

A small group has been formed in the Diocese to provide information and resources relating to clergy wellbeing. The following resources are available with the hope that they may be used as discussion starters, perhaps at clergy chapter meetings and / or Deanery Synod meetings. Please feel free to use the resources as they best suit your purpose.  More resources will be added from time to time so please keep looking!

We would be grateful to hear any thoughts, comments or feedback. The members of the clergy wellbeing group are available to facilitate your discussions if needed.

The group comprises:

Jane Knight – Head of Counselling Services
David Herbert – IME Officer
Liz Geddes – Director of Human Resources & Deputy Diocesan Secretary
Chris Moore – Incumbent at Over St Chad
Anne Lawson – Incumbent at Acton, Church Minshull, Worleston & Wettenhall

A presentation is available which includes the results of the clergy survey: Clergy Wellbeing Survey results


The Venerable Ian Bishop
Ian talks about various aspects of self control and the importance of managing our relationships with friends, family, spouses and with God.


Revd Jacky Wise

Jacky, a keen runner and swimmer, talks about how exercise plays an important role in her own well-being. Keeping physically fit helps her to maintain the energy levels in order to serve her ministry.


Bishop Libby Lane
Bishop Libby talks about the importance of clergy making time to consider and manage their own well-being. Libby also talks about how she makes time to support her own well-being by preparing, cooking and the sharing of food.


Revd Chris Murphy
Chris, an Associate Minister, talks about finding time for personal study, which he considers to be an important part of his vocation. 


Revd Dr Andrew Knight
Andrew talks about clergy wellbeing and the importance of planning prayer time for himself and making time to focus on personal projects. 


Revd Alison Fulford
Alison talks about clergy wellbeing and the importance of balancing her role as a part-time vicar with the time she spends with her family and as an individual. 


Jane Knight
Jane Knight, Head of Counselling, explains the pastoral support services open to clergy in the Diocese of Chester. 


Helen Chantry
Helen talks about clergy wellbeing and how she keeps going with no drop in enthusiasm. 

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