Engagement and Inclusion

As Christians we want to be an inclusive church family and to welcome everyone to worship together. We want our church communities to be as accessible as possible in all ways for all people.

In November 2017, Vanessa Layfield was appointed our Diocesan Engagement and Inclusion Officer.  Her work includes enabling our churches to become more inclusive of disabled people. The church must be a provider of services (Under the terms of the Equality Act 2010) and therefore we all have a responsibility to take positive steps forward.

Since the commencement of her employment, Vanessa has hit the ground running.  Amongst many other things, Vanessa is keen to develop the resources and support we offer those with a disability. She has been busy working with our newly formed Disability Forum exploring how to transform church life by ensuring disabled people feel included, empowered and enabled to contribute to God’s Kingdom.

In view of this, Vanessa is encouraging parishes to look at the Through the Roof website with a view to appointing Roof Breakers. ‘Through the Roof’ is based on the story found in St Luke 5:17-31, which tells of a paralyzed man being healed by Jesus after being lowered through a roof.  If anyone is interested in becoming a Roof breaker’, please go to Through the Roof, once sign up has been completed, a free starter kit will be sent to you. 



Worship resources for Disability Sunday


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For further information about Disability Awareness Day (DAD), the world's largest not-for-profit voluntary-led disability exhibition which happens in our diocese annually please click here.



Engagement and Inclusion Officer - Vanessa Layfield 

Vanessa is a qualified Social Worker and has over 30 years’ experience working in Health and Social Care.  She attends St Mary’s Church Nantwich, where she sings in the Church Choir. Vanessa is also a member of the Nantwich Singers, a small chamber choir. She is married to Jonathan and they have five children, and Berkeley, their Labrador. Vanessa works Monday-Thursday.

E: vanessa.layfield@chester.anglican.org

T: 01928 718834 ext 232









Engagement and Inclusion
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