IME Phase 2 Submission Dates

Submissions and Reports

All IME Phase 2 curates submit written work annually by email to
Supervising ministers to submit end of year reports by email to

Submission dates for portfolios and reports are:

IME Phase 2 Year 1:   

Curates submit:

  • Working Agreement (To IME Officer) by 15 September
  • Written work by 31 January

Supervising ministers submit:

Articles of Enquiry as directed by Bishop's House

IME Phase 2 Year 2:   

Curates submit by 30 June:

  • Revised Working Agreement

  •  Written assignment (non-accreditation)

Supervising ministers submit by 30 June:

  • End of year report by 30 June.

IME Phase 2 Year 3   

Curates submit by 30 April:

  • Revised Working Agreement
  • Written assignment (non-accreditation)

Supervising ministers submit:

  • End of year report by 30 April.

Validated Work

Those who are students with the University of Chester or University of Durham need to submit assignments as detailed in Programme Pack


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6 July 2017
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