CMD Grants and Funding

Funds are available in the Diocesan budget to support Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD). Clergy, Readers, Pastoral Workers and Church Army Officers may claim up to £250 per year as long as there is sufficient money in the CMD fund. Application forms for lay ministers and clergy should be submitted by email to Jane Hood at Church House. Please contact Jane Hood or Simon Chesters for further information about CMD grants and other CMD funding queries.

2024 Clergy CMD Subsidy Claim Form

2024 Lay Ministers CMD Subsidy Form

For the time being licensed ministers are able to apply to use their CMD allowance for things like online learning and towards books they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Consideration will be given to any learning plan licensed ministers care to submit in application. Licensed ministers can claim up to £250 pa (until that budget is spent). Applications should be made to Jane Hood.

  • Grants will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The money available may be used up part way through the year, in which case any later applications would be unsuccessful.
  • Grants are only available to those holding the Bishop's Licence.  Limited funds mean the scheme cannot be extended to those with Permission to Officiate.  Where, however, those holding PTO participate in a deanery-organised Quiet Day or similar, their costs will be covered from the CfM budget via an application from the Rural Dean or Chapter Clerk.
  • Please bear in mind the fact that the financial situation of individuals and of parishes varies enormously - if you do not really require the money you may wish to 'leave it in the pot' so that others with greater need can benefit.
  • In any case, the use of a tripartite system (whereby funding comes from a combination of Diocesan, parish and personal finances) should be explored.
  • Grants may be used for courses, conferences, quiet days and retreats. They may not be used for buying books, CDs, DVDs or electronic downloads, nor usually for travel expenses.
  • Grants can be used for membership of appropriate bodies. It can also be used for subscriptions to particular scholarly publications (eg those published by Equinox).

Grants are provided to encourage and enable lay and ordained ministers to develop their skills, knowledge and ministry. If the grants are not taken up they will obviously be subject to financial review - use it or lose it!

Full Guidelines are printed on the reverse of the application form.

Guidelines for paying for deanery training events from CMD in-service training allowances

The subsidy is available for locally organised events, subject to the usual conditions of the scheme; the following procedures will help you in planning your event.

  1. Advise the CMD Grants Administrator in advance of your event;
  2. Prepare a budget for the event.  This must include all allowable costs including the speaker’s fee (if any), accommodation and travel.  The total cost will be divided amongst all the participants (excluding the speaker / facilitator) and deducted from their CMD allowance;
  3. If you are organising a deanery event at Foxhill you do not need to pay a deposit.  Please advise Foxhill at the time of booking that costs will be covered by CMD allowances;
  4. Send a list of participants to the CMD Grants Administrator prior to the event to establish participants’ CMD balances;
  5. Note that for deanery retreats / quiet days active retired clergy and Readers Emeriti will have their costs covered by CMD funds;
  6. After the event, send a list of those who attended to the CMD Grants Administrator with any receipts etc.  Participants who booked but did not attend the event will have the cost deducted from their CMD allowance;
  7. Payments for the venue and other costs will be issued from Church House.  CMD balances will be adjusted accordingly;
  8. If you are providing a gift for your speaker, please pay this from Deanery funds.

If you have any questions, email Jane Hood  or phone 01928 643428

Other Funding

Ecclesiastical Ministry Bursary Awards Ecclesiastical has once again opened its annual Ministry Bursary Awards for entries. The awards are open to all clergy in Anglican Christian faiths and aim to provide financial support for sabbatical breaks and projects

The George's Trust

Use this link to find out more about Sabbaticals and Discretionary Grants for clergy

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