Whole-Life Discipleship

Every week, people gather in churches across the Diocese to worship God. Some come overflowing with joy, celebrating the week that has past. Others come in pain and sorrow, overwhelmed with a need to be held in the loving arms of God, seeking the comfort and support of fellowship. Churches across the Diocese come together to worship God in a huge range of contexts and across a huge range of church traditions and styles. This diversity of expression reflects the breadth and depth of our understanding of God and our heartfelt desire to respond to his love for us with praise.

The corporate worship of the church represents the single largest activity undertaken across the Diocese. It rightly draws in a vast proportion of our time, skill and resources to sustain and develop the worshipping life of our communities. As such, understanding how our worship connects to our mission is critical for a church seeking to engage with the mission of God.

Our hope is to enable churches to grow whole life disciples. We are working in partnership with organisations specializing in Whole Life Discipleship Programmes of change to explore accessible resources suitable for all Parishes and contexts as we consider both the role of the gathered church and the scattered church as we live out the Gospel every day in the frontlines where God has placed us.


Image credit - LICC

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