Statistics for Mission 2019

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The annual Statistics for Mission data is collected by the Research and Statistics Department of the Archbishops’ Council. The data is collected through the Church of England’s online Parish Return System. The system is designed to improve the way in which the Church of England collects annual parish data.

This data is also very helpful to the Diocesan Mission Team when working with and advising parishes.  It also helps the team when setting key mission priorities and when planning mission initiatives and events. 

Please note that reliance will be placed upon statistics concerning church attendance etc, when applications for grants from the Church Commissioners, to support particular initiatives in mission and church growth, are being evaluated. It is therefore important that accurate returns are submitted when requested.

The Research and Statistics Department had requested that parishes submit their 2019 Statistics for Mission data through the  Online Parish Returns System by 31 January 2020. However, the deadline for the submission of data has now been extended to SUNDAY 15 MARCH.


For help with the Statistics for Mission return, please contact the Mission Team or phone 01928 718834 Ext 260


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