For Leaders

Larger churches network

A group of leaders from the larger churches of the diocese meet on an occasional basis for support and prayer and to discuss matters of mutual concern.

Pioneers hub

A number of leaders in the diocese are involved in pioneering ministry, some as formally recognised pioneer ministers, others through the way their ministries have developed.  They meet to support and encourage one another and to explore new opportunities.  Contact Jon Philips to find out more.

Urban mission and ministry network

The particular challenges of ministry in areas of disadvantage are addressed in an open meeting for ordained and lay leaders.  You are welcome if you are concerned for the church in deprived communities: we meet twice a year as a single group, and twice each year more locally, in each Archdeaconry, for encouragement, advice and support.  There will be a 24 hour retreat in January 2023.  To connect up with this network, contact Hannah Jones at Church House.  

Rural mission and ministry network

A significant number of parishes in the diocese are rural, to some degree or other.  The Rural Mission and Ministry network welcomes everyone involved in rural areas in some or all of their ministry, giving an opportunity to address the challenges and opportunities that rural ministry presents, and helping us to grow in our missional appetite and ability. There are three meetings each year: to connect up, contact Hannah Jones at Church House.  

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