Clergy Support Group

What is it?

A group of no more than six people who will meet for two hours.  The first half hour is for informal time, followed by 1.5 hours of facilitated group time.  At the initial meeting boundaries and frequency of meetings will be discussed and agreed by the group.

The sharing of experience and mutual support are important features of the group and as such, a high level of commitment and attendance is needed.

Why do we need a Clergy Support Group?

Parish ministry is often a joyful and rewarding experience. Sometimes, however, it can feel isolated and stressful.

Many clergy value the opportunity to belong to a group of colleagues in which to talk through and reflect upon their experience in their ministry with others who will not judge, but who will support them in making sense of themselves and their experiences. For some, this already exists, for example in the form of a ‘cell group’ dating from their days in training. However, we are aware that there are some clergy who would appreciate belonging to such a group, but who for whatever reason, do not have one at present.


  • prevent clergy isolation,
  • offer another area of support for clergy,
  • prevent build up of clergy stress,
  • provide opportunities for clergy to develop supportive relationships,
  • provide a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge,
  • offer a confidential space where clergy may reflect upon work and ministry and how they feel about their role,
  • provide a forum where clergy may receive feedback.


Foxhill Conference Centre: Tarvin Road, Frodsham, WA6 6XB.

To find out more

Contact Peter Mackriell Head of Counselling Services (All enquiries will be dealt with in confidence).
Email Peter Mackriell or Tel:  07918 732 806

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