Wirral faith groups deliver over £8 million of support

Bishop Julie is presented with a copy of the audit by Phile Dixon and Alex Fisher from Together Wirral and the Cinnamon Network


In a recent audit, it was discovered that faith groups in Wirral play a crucial role in supporting local communities. They engage in a wide range of social action activities, including operating food banks, providing debt advice, and assisting families. 

The audit, published last week, was conducted by the Cinnamon Network, a national organization that equips UK churches for social action, and Together Wirral Churches. Their objective was to assess the impact of faith-based organizations on communities. The data collected pertains to the year 2023, and all faith groups in the area were invited to participate, including Quakers, The Salvation Army, Islam, Assemblies of God, and Anglicans, among others.

Together, these faith groups delivered 609 activities to 58,277 beneficiaries, made possible in part by the support and time contributed by a virtual army of 3,051 volunteers. The estimated financial value provided by the faith groups amounted to over £8 million.

Faith groups contribute to their communities in various ways, including:

•   Community Cohesion
•   Giving children a good start in life
•   Reducing social isolation
•   Supporting families
•   Help people in financial crisis
•   Helping people to live healthier lives

Peter Froggatt, Director of Outreach for the Diocese of Chester, expressed optimism about the audit’s findings. "First, a big thank you to all who filled out the audit and helped build up this big picture.  Secondly, and much more than that,  huge appreciation is due to the volunteers who make all of this happen. Their wide-ranging, committed work is making a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people, some of them the most vulnerable people in our communities.  I hope that they are encouraged by the results fo this audit and that churches are encouraged to keep on making a difference.  And I hope that our partners, in local authorities, in business and in the third community and voluntary sector, will be encouraged to see at all that we are able to do together."


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