Walk through bible experience


undefinedSt Michael's Church in Middlewich are staging a ‘walk through the Bible' experience during Father's Day Weekend (19th – 21st June). As part of the local Folk & Boat weekend local schools are working closely with the church to completely transform the building into an interactive experience for all ages.

Their first experience in 2012 saw more than 2000 people pass through the building.

The Labyrinth is open to the public on Friday evening and during the day on Saturday and Sunday, although groups may be catered for on Wednesday & Thursday evenings by appointment. All six local primary schools, together with church groups adopted zones in the Labyrinth. They utilised every available space, filling each square foot with Art & Craftwork produced by pupils and church children.

The Church was transformed with tunnels, caves, a fountain & river, an 8ft spinning globe and a 7ft stone which children could roll themselves to escape from the Empty Tomb.

The Labyrinth was the vision of Jeremy Coles, St Michael’s Director of Music & Family Work. “It was a tremendous effort by the church and school community,” Jeremy said, “and such a privilege to speak to people of God’s love for them in the context of His BIG STORY!”

Photos: The Archdeacons of the Diocese of Chester, Mike Gilbertson and Ian Bishop walk aroung the exhibition in advance of the opening.



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