Vicar's Valentine's Day dance

A video of two members of our clergy performing a choreographed Valentine's Day dance routine has been viewed thousands of times on social media since it was posted. 

The video was filmed at Christ Church, Higher Bebington during a recent Sunday service. Performing the routine were the Vicar, the Revd Mike Loach, and Curate, Father George Roach. It's the third year that they have performed a dance routine for the congregation. They started in 2021, shortly after the covid lockdown eased, as a way of lifting the spirits of the congregation and connecting with people in the wider community.

"A year later in 2022, people were asking us if we were going to do it again, so we did," said Mike, "and here we are for the third time."

Mike explained that they took a bit more effort to prepare this year and actually did some rehearsing the night before. "Perhaps we should have put more time in as George took a bit of a tumble after he got his foot caught in my cassock!" He added: "No vicars were harmed in the making of the video, but one did have his pride dented a bit."

George is coming to the end of his curacy at Higher Bebington this summer and it isn't yet known if the church will be seeking someone to fill his shoes who will be able to emulate his rhythm and footwork.


Previous dance routines can be viewed below:



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