Vicar of Stalybridge's poetry book


Vicar Tim with his poetry bookThe Revd Dr Tim Robinson, Vicar of St Paul's, Stalybridge, wrote a poem on every day of Lent this year. The result is a book he's produced called 'The Bogus Poet: or maybe not!'. The book is being sold for £2 per copy to aid church funds. The first batch has already sold out but more are being published.

The first 20 poems are re-tellings of well-known poems from the past; sometimes to humorous effect. The second 20 are original poems on a diversity of themes. Some are gently humorous, others more serious.

Here is one of Tim’s poems, called 'Rest'

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,
but all work and play makes Jack exhausted;
for we must have rest, and rest brings joy.

For God decreed that we should work, but after the sixth day,
on the Sabbath, we should spend time with him;
into his calming presence we should stray.

The world today only wants to play, not rest,
To gring on and on, creating stress,
But God created us, and he knows best.

And here is another, called 'Purple', which is dedicated to an artist …

The artist paints with gay abandon,
displays of colour that are not random,
bright blues and reds, joyful emotion,
dull greys and browns, a sorrowful potion.

Yet the colour purple is rarely seen,
its status has often been
majestic, noble, of hopeful passion,
or sadness and a deathly fashion.

Ecclesiastical, of Bishops and seasons,
Used for feasts and special reasons;
Advent purple, one heaven sent,
Lental purple, ashes, sackcloth rent.

The artist’s choice is always free,
dearest purple, how should I paint thee?

In the foreward to the book, Tim writes: “All of the poems … were individually written with a time allocation of between three quarters of an hour and one hour.

“I believe that poetry should be spontaneous and natural, and should not be contrived, to meet snobbish or elitist aspirations, in any way.”

If would like a copy of the book please phone Helen Whitelegg, St Paul’s parish communications officer, on 07739462849 or email

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