Tour of Britain


undefinedThe pupils of Saighton Church of England Primary School cheered the cyclists of the Tour of Britain as they passed through the village on Monday 8 September.

They also cheered the police outriders, support vehicles and anybody else passing though on the day of the race.

During an earlier school worship session the children had been told all about the race, and it was explained how a hobby / childhood interest can lead to great things, including representing your country in sport.

The youngsters prepared for the occasion by bringing in flags to wave, putting up bunting and providing musical accompaniment for all the cyclists, including Sir Bradley Wiggins, who won the Tour de France in 2012.

On the day the school was mentioned on the live radio link, and the Sky Team support vehicle stopped ahead of the cyclists in order for the children to get a closer look.

Mavis Sellers, Head Teacher, said: “This was a momentous occasion for the children and villagers.  We will remember it for a long time to come and make sure it is recorded as a special event in the history of the school.”