South Korean prayer mission Davenham 2015


undefinedSt Wilfrid's church in Davenham welcomed a team of South Korean Christians recently as a part of a remarkable prayer mission involving 30 locations across the UK. The ten prayer missionaries from the East Asian nation who visited Davenham were from the Kwangmyuang (Bright Light) church based in a place called Uijeongbu.

Sr Wilfrid’s, in partnership with other local churches, welcomed the prayer missionaries from 24 to 29 June.

During the visit to Cheshire there were many events, including prayer walks, visits to local schools, praise and prayer evenings, prayers for church leaders, and sanctuary prayers. There was also an all-night prayer vigil, and prayers on Old Pale – a high place in Delamere Forest which overlooks Cheshire and seven neighbouring counties.

Among the visitors to Davenham were: Pastor Kwon Jung Yi; his wife Lee Gyed Joo; Lead Pastor Lee Kwang Jin. Pastor Lee said at the end of the visit that he was confident of God's promise to strengthen and revive the Church in the UK if people would continue to seek God, act as He leads, and humbly pray for our friends, families and communities.

The Revd Rob Iveson, Rector of St Wilfrid's, said: “It’s been a humbling, exciting and moving time. Our visitors reminded us that this is God’s world and as our nation went out 150 years ago to take the Gospel to their nation, they have come here to encourage us. Their style of prayer certainly is different!  But what a wonderful thing it is to experience and to be part of.

“It was challenging to see Christians who are very hungry to actually pray, and take every opportunity to do so with zeal. There was no dragging them to a prayer meeting. We couldn't keep them away if we tried! They remind us to consciously involve God.

“All our local churches involved are very grateful for the hard work of two South Koreans who did the translating. It was wonderful to partner in prayer with other local churches but also with Christians from many hundreds of miles away. Jesus crosses the miles and unites cultures.”

Caroline Bishop, who is from St Wilfrid’s and is one of the key linking organisers, said: "It was an enormous honour and privilege to host a team from South Korea for a second time. Their passion and commitment to prayer is inspirational and throughout their stay with us there was a very clear sense that they had come in God's purpose and perfect timing to encourage us to go all out for God and His Kingdom.

“Their church, which began with a handful of committed Christians in 1992 and is now 10,000 strong, is a living example of what’s possible with God. At the final joint prayer celebration in London on the last evening it was almost overwhelming as a British person to see hundreds of our Korean friends respond to a call to continue to commit to pray for the UK. They asked too if we would pray for their country.”

Pictured TOP ... the prayer mission welcome meeting

BELOW (left to right) ... Rector Rob Iveson, Lead Pastor Lee Kwang Jin, Caroline Bishop, Pastor Kwon Jung Yi



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