Seeking Trustees for a new Multi Academy Trust

Chester Diocesan Board of Education has published its strategy as a response to the move towards a fully academized education system for all schools, not just across the Diocese but across the country. As part of the strategy, a second Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) will be created, led by a new team of Trustees.

The new MAT,  working closely with the current Chester Diocesan Academies Trust, is looking to create a strong family of schools that are loving in relationships, ambitious in aspiration and bold in action; positively impacting children and their families across this area, supporting the Diocesan vision of being together in Christ, sharing hope. This is a really exciting development for the Diocese and a number of schools have already agreed to be part of the founding schools, helping shape its development.

Sue Noakes (Deputy Director of Education) who is taking the lead in the development of the Trust said “The schools that have expressed an interest in starting this new trust are all incredibly strong and it is a privilege to work with them as we look to form a close family of schools that will support one another and make such a difference to children’s lives.”

Chris Penn (Director of Education) said, “ The next step is to recruit to the governance structures. The Members of the MAT have been confirmed and include the Bishop of Birkenhead and Archdeacon of Chester, the Members will then appoint to the Board of Trustees. The Members oversee the Trust in an ‘eyes on, hands off’ manner whilst the Trust Board manage the Trust and are entrusted with ensuring it is secure both educationally and financially. We are now looking for interested and experienced people to form the Trust Board who can use their knowledge and skills to direct the strategy of the Trust. As this is the forming of the Board we are looking for the full range of skills including primary education, finance, HR and others."

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee for the new Multi Academy trust please contact or visit our Trustee/s page


Page last updated: Friday 15th March 2024 10:01 AM
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