Vicar falls at wedding


undefinedA Stockport Rector taking a wedding service slipped and broke his wrist � but went on to finish the ceremony and wave off the happy couple. It was towards the end of the service when photographs were being taken at St Mary's Church, central Stockport that the Revd Roger Scoones (PICTURED) fell to the ground after accidentally slipping on the train of the bride's dress.

The groom Jon-Paul Stoddard, 31, was concerned because he thought the Rector might have suffered a suffered a heart attack.

In fact, Roger simply had a bad fall and broke his wrist.  He was swiftly helped to his feet by the groom and best man.

The Rector was treated later at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport. His arm was put initially in plaster and later he was given a splint.

Roger said: “The whole of the wedding service had been so carefully choreographed and things went very well until the point that I slipped.

“The bride stayed very composed and dignified throughout and though I was in a bit of pain after the fall I managed to finish everything and wave the couple off with a smile.

“Everyone was in good cheer, and the groom, who helped me to my feet, apparently found it hard not to see the funny side!”

The story of Roger’s fall featured widely in the media. Greater Manchester Radio, Premier Christian Radio and other stations covered it, as did several newspapers, including The Times and The Daily Mirror.

There were about 80 guests at the wedding, which was co-conducted by the Revd Kenneth Kenrick, a retired Stockport priest who is a friend of the groom’s family.